OUR 2018 HD LIVE STREAM IS NOW OVER. For fledge dates see details below.

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2018 American Kestrel Falcons details below.

Here are the abbreviations we use.   (FK female kestrel)     (MK male kestrel)     (H.M.K.T. heavy metal kestrel tree)    ( K-2 kestrel 2 tree)

March 23/2018    Male Kestrel (MK) arrived at nest box site at 7:09pm. MK stayed the night in the K-2 nest box.

March 26/2018    MK has slept in the K-2 nest box every night. Female Kestrel (FK) arrived on site at 8:00am.  I had trapped a mouse and put it in the K-2 nest box and FK helped herself.

April 23/2018      We have had cold weather since last update down to -29 WC some nights.  MK has stayed  every night in the K-2 nest box since his arrival.

Things in the last week have resumed to normal again. The mice and voles are plentiful. Courtship has resumed with many copulation’s.

April 26/2018      In the last few days we have noticed FK spending more time around and in H.M.K.T. nest box. Between 11:30am and 12:00 noon FK laid her 1st EGG.

   Our LIVE STREAM will Start on May 1/2018.

April 28/2018      FK has laid her 2nd egg approximately 12:30pm.  FK is now sleeping in the H.M.K.T. nest box every night. MK stayed the night in the K-2 nest box.

He has slept in K-2 nest box every night since he arrived. 2 European Starlings invaded MK’s nest box and he made short work of them.

April 30/2018      FK has laid her 3rd egg approximately 11:30am.  How many more eggs ????

May 2/2018         FK has laid her 4th egg approximately 12:00 noon.  How many more eggs ???? FK is following 48 hour egg laying, almost like she owns a watch. AMAZING !!!

May 4/2018         FK laid her 5th egg approximately 12:30pm. Any more eggs ???? Typically she will lay 4-5 eggs, so she might be done. In about 30 days give or take, the eggs should start to hatch.

May 9/2018         Incubation has started and both FK & MK share the responsibility. Things heat up when the eggs hatch !! 

May 18/2018       Incubation is heavy duty both FK & MK share the responsibility. Seems MK is on the 5 eggs much more than previous years. Hatch is expected end of May or early June 2018

May 19 - May 30/2018   Incubation, incubation, incubation and more incubation.

May 31/2018       Incubation, Then in early ours of the morning 2 eggs hatch. First feeding was at 7:11am. Then around 10:00am a third egg hatches. Things are getting busy for Ma FK & Pa MK .

June 1/2018        Incubation & feeding, then at 11:35am a fouth egg hatches.

June 2/2018       Incubation & feeding, then in the early morning the fifth chick is revealed. No more incubation. Ma FK is now feeding and keeping the kids warm and Pa MK  is doing

 his duties hunting and protecting his family. About 30 days to fledge (young leaving the nest box)

June 25 & 26 /2018    We have set up our jib crane to give a birds eye view of the chicks looking out the nest box door. VIDEO TO COME.

June 26/2018    1st. male fledged approx. 2:53 pm. 4 remaining in nest box 2 females & 2 males.

June 29/2018    1st. female fledged approx. 10:01am.  2nd female fledged approx. 10:12am.  2nd male fledged approx. 10:33am.  3rd. male fledged approx. 10:46am. All 5 nestlings have now fledged.

June 30/2018    Fledgelings still in nest box area but not often.

July 01/2018     Fledgelings have moved out of  nest box area.

July 2018          Later this month MK & FK Have been in the area. MK have been sleeping in his bachelor nest box almost every night. With our fledgelings returning about mid month

and entertaining us with aerial shows and hunting practice. This went on for the remaining of the month.

Aug. 28/2018    MK has slept in his bachelor nest box almost every night and we have seen him during the day with a few appearances of FK from time to time.

After this date we did not see MK or FK they have flown south to escape our harsh winter.

Good luck to all, may they live long and raise families of their own.