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                                                                                       Here are the abbreviations we use.                                                                                         (FK female kestrel)    (MK male kestrel)    (H.M.K.T. heavy metal kestrel tree nest box)   ( K-2 kestrel 2 tree nest box)

March 17/2019    We have installed K-2 nest box & camera and ran the camera cat. 6 cables for the H.M.K.T. nest box. Still great amounts of snow in area but                                slowly melting.

March 22/2019    We have installed H.M.K.T. nest box. At this point our surprise is working well, just need the Kestrels to confirm. Great amounts of snow in                                 area but melting.

March 23/2019    MK arrived on this date last year 2018. Will he show up today ?? MK has appeared around 7:35pm. He has went into the K-2 nest box around                             7:50pm.  AMAZING !!

March 24/2019    MK has stayed the night in the K-2 nest box. He has checked out the H.M.K.T. nest box (this is the nest box that has the HD live stream)                                       several times today.

March 26/2019    MK has stayed the night in the K-2 nest box again.

March 25/2019    MK has stayed the night in the K-2 nest box again. FK showed up today approximately 4:16pm. she checked out both nest boxes.                                                 Copulation has occurred.

April 1/2019       MK has stayed every night in the K-2 nest box since his arrival. MK & FK have been hunting and copulating which is a good sign. All we can                               hope that this will bring eggs.

April 11/2019      MK still every night in the K-2 nest box. Copulation is frequent now. Mk is also proving his abilities for providing for FK and a family with                                    several voles each day.

April 14/2019      First egg has been laid at approximately 1:49pm. This the earliest since our cameras have been installed. What’s even stranger is it is in the                               K-2 nest box which is MK’s bachelor pad. He has also stayed the night with the egg with no sign of FK.

Unfortunately FK has laid her 1st egg in the K-2 nest box. The H.M.K.T. nest box has the dual camera system for this year 2019. Here are a few stills from video of the new side view camera. Click on photos to enlarge.

April 16/2019      2nd egg has been laid approximately at 12:29pm. FK is now sleeping in K-2 nest box with eggs and MK has now adopted H.M.K.T. nest box                                as his bachelor pad. He is sleeping in it every night. MK is supplying a good number of voles/mice to FK and copulation is still frequent.

April 18/2019      3rd. egg has been laid at approximately 11:03am. How many more ???

April 20/2019      4th. egg has been laid at approximately 09:06am. Hunting has been great, lots of voles / mice. Will there be more eggs ???

April 22/2019      5th. egg has been laid at approximately 12:25pm.  At about 4:57pm. another FK arrives and is in and out of the H.M.K.T. nest box several                                     times. MK seems to be flying around her but not too close he is also in and out of H.M.K.T. nest box. Approximately 5:45pm. our FK is out of                               K-2 nest box and the battle of the FKs begins mostly on the ground then takes to the air then all 3 Ks are gone.                                                                                At about 6:27pm. our MK. & FK. are back with MK. on H.M.K.T. and FK back in K-2 nest box on 5 eggs.  Wow what an eventful day !!