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690 x 518 PICT0005

In 2022 we have purchased a digital microscope to give us a new view to learn more about American Kestrel anatomy.

Below are micro photos.

Above: Velociraptor ( dinosaur ) or Kestrel talon ??  Kestrel prey does not stand a chance !!

Below: the Kestrel leg, at first appearance looks like they are covered in hair. A closer look reveals very fine feathers.

Below: Tail feathers, note the white particles.  This is a young juvenile and the partials are fragments of feather sheaths in which the feathers grow.

Below Left: Trailing edges of top of wing feathers    Below right: Trailing edges of bottom of wing feathers.

These fine feathers give the Kestrels the ability to be silent when they hover over their prey.  (Note: Kestrels are the only falcon that can hover.)

690 x 518 PICT TAIL 2
690 x 518 PICT0027

BELOW: very curved beak for ripping apart prey.

690 x 518 PICT0026

BELOW: eye and surrounding muscular structure removed from skull.

690 x 518 PICT0020
690 x 518 PICT0021

    BELOW LEFT: eye socket in skull.                                                               BELOW RIGHT: skin removed from skull.

690 x 518 PICT0030
690 x 518 PICT0022

BELOW: feathers removed from skull.

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BELOW : rump feathers from MK 2022