700 x 394 Sequence 01.Still001
700 x 394 Sequence 01.Still002

(above)    MK in K-2 nest box March 22/21 3:46 pm. CT.

video 11

(above) March 25/21 MK and FK in H.M.K.T. nest box bowing to each other. (part of mating)

video 8 (2)

                   FK in K-2 nest box March 24/21                                    (above)                                 FK in K-2 nest box March 25/21                      


(above)  March 30/21 FK. and MK. resting during storm in H.M.K.T. nest box

video       3
video    3

(above)  APRIL 12/2021 Inside of K-2 nest box (right) and H.M.K.T. nest box (left). This was during snow storm.


( above ) April 13/2021  (left) MK. in H.M.K.T. nest box setting a new record for longest sleep in a nest box. 13hrs & 32min.  (right) you can clearly see where MK. slept and snow he melted.

ADJ MK MEAN vide  o6

(above)  MK. aka Mr. Manitoba the mean killing machine. April 16/2021

video 10

(above)  FK. aka Lady Winnipeg. He's not so mean !  2021

400 x 533 IMG_1943
1200 x 720 IMG_1944
400 x 533 IMG_1935 copy
400 x 533 IMG_1939
400 x 533 IMG_1937 copy
CR IMG_1932

Here are 6 photos of the Kestrel tree/poles we set up a few days ago.

Drilling 3 feet into the ground, inserting a galvanized pipe, back filling and then inserting the K tree/poles.

We have numbered them from 1 to 4 for easy ID when we write in our log book.

It may appear the K tree/poles are very close to the nest boxes.  In actuality they are very far away.

Both K’S have already used the tree/poles.

EGG video12

( above ) FK. and her 1st egg and furry friend

( above ) MK. proud dad of his 1st egg, not sure of what he thinks of furry friend.

video19 (2)

(above ) MAY 4/2021 MK. checking out his 2 eggs.

vid           eo3
video10 (2)

( above ) MK.’s and FK.’s 4 eggs May 8/2021

video6 (3)

May 10/2021 ( above ) left FK. and her 5 eggs                                                                                                       May 10/2021 ( above ) right  the eggs stand alone.

video7 (2)

( above ) MAY 6/2021 MK. checking on his 3 eggs.

MALE KESTREL adj. 750 x 422  video7
FEMALE KESTREL adj. 750 x 422 video5

                               MK. proud of 5 eggs.                                                                                                                           FK.  Soon they will hatch.                      

video        5

(below) Photos of the hatch June 5. 2021

video 15
video 24
video2 (3)
video2 (2)
video 28

Many years of the American Kestrel Falcon research, Nu-Sun Cinema is also doing more education of these pint size predators. Sometimes showing a photo or video of the eggs is fine but to hold one in your hand is much more interactive. To get permits to have real eggs is nothing but a hassle and the real eggs could not be handled because they are very fragile.

Earlier this year 2021 we had 6 3D print plastic eggs made. They were all white and took some sanding and shaping to achieve the true Kestrel egg shape. Then with many painting techniques we finally achieved the look of reality.

Now a hands-on aspect is used in our presentations. Whenever permitted and then our audience can hold a Kestrel egg.

( left ) our replica eggs.

( Below ) Photos of Kestrel tree poles with areas of grass not cut for better hunting for FK. and MK.  Lets mice, voles and insects places to hind. MK. and FK. love to hunt from the 4 Kestrel tree poles which allow them to be very close to their nest box.

685 x 514 IMG_1986
685 x 514 IMG_1988
685 x 514 IMG_1987
685 x 514 IMG_1992
685 x 514 IMG_1991
685 x 514 IMG_1989