During our ongoing Deer at Night film shoot, several Bucks with antlers have been visiting our site. Since the middle of January the bucks have begun the process of dropping their antlers, if the conditions are correct. We have set up some alfalfa bails in a V pattern and filled the center with food ( corn, 60-30-10, crab apples and deer & elk pellets ) which we    have been feeding them since September of 2006.

At  February 15/2007 all of our bucks still have their antlers. Below are frames rendered from film of this situation.

The idea of the V-Bails (above) is the bucks will put their heads between the bails to eat the food, in turn their antlers will rub on the bails aiding them to fall off.

(below) The idea is working and we hope to recover some antlers from this experiment !

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