About mid December 2007, near the edge of the city it was brought to my attention there was some type of large bird laying dead at the base of a very large window.
On further examination I had identified it as a Great Horned Owl. I then proceeded to obtain a permit allowing to have this Raptor in Nu-Sun Cinema's possession.
During the examination of the Raptor these stats were taken.

Weight 1340 grams = 2.96 pounds Wing Cord ( unflattend )  Right 362mm = 14.25 inches  Left 350mm = 13.78 inches Tail length 205mm = 8.07 inches Foot pad 90mm = 3.54 inches
Tail feathers with broken tips included:  Left
1 (outermost),2,4,5,6 (central); right 5. Unusual (?) right #2 longer than #1 and 3.
Possible that #2 tail feather juvenile, the rest adult since most juvenile feathers are larger than adult feathers. Therefore this implies that this is a AHY (after hatch year bird)

  • No broken leg or wing long bones. No blood in ears.Shrunken eyes, dead for a few days before it was found.
  • Mild Mustelid (skunk?) smell to bird. Due to its size it was thought to be a female. 
  • Below:  Was easy to see why the bird had know idea this was a window.Also, point of impact suggests bird was flying low, maybe to make a kill.
    Red arrow, possible point of impact due to residue and feather material on window.Green arrow, where carcass was found.

Below: The business end of this great Raptor.

Below: Well although an unfortunate demise for such a great Raptor it give us a close up view of this amazing bird and helps us appreciate the beauty of mother nature.
Nu-Sun Cinema would like to thank, James Duncan
Ron Dare ( Northland Taxidermy Studio ) for enabling us to set up these following photos in our created forest.

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