#2 Sequence 01.Still075
#5 Sequence 01.Still078
#6 Sequence 01.Still079
5 Sequence 01.Still070
6 Sequence 01.Still071
MK Sequence 01.Still045
Sequence 01.Still046

BELOW: some flying shots from April 2023

BELOW: April 9/2023 MK in all his glory. Simply beautiful !!

WEB MK Sequence 01.Still092
WEB MK Sequence 01.Still093
WEB MK Sequence 01.Still095
WEB MK Sequence 01.Still091
WEB MK Sequence 01.Still097

BELOW: FK and her ever deepening nest bowl.

WEB FK Sequence 01.Still101
WEB FK Sequence 01.Still099
WEB FK Sequence 01.Still100
WEB FK N B Sequence 01.Still098
FK N B  Sequence 01.Still101

BELOW: Apr. 12/2023 about 9:57am MK had to deal with a male Kestrel intruder. MK protected his nest box with vengeance ! Our MK is on the left.

web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still101
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still102
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still103
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still104
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still105
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still106
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still107
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still108
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still109
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still110
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still111
web 2 MK's Sequence 01.Still113
WEB ARROW #2 MK EGG#! VOLESequence 01.Still054
WEB ARROW MK EGG#1 VOLE Sequence 01.Still053
WEB EGG #1 Sequence 01.Still055

BELOW: April 21/2023 at 3:39pm FK laid her 1st egg. That afternoon 3:45pm MK brings FK a snack. He does not give it to her immediately but goes in H.M.K.T. nest box and greets his new egg #1. No MK the egg#1 is not hungry!!

WEB 1ST EGG Sequence 01.Still053

BELOW: FK laid egg #2 on April 23/2023 at  6:53pm.

WEB  FK 2 EGGS Sequence 01.Still056
WEB 2 EGGS Sequence 01.Still056