In this multi-part pod-cast we talk with radio host Jon Benson about Nu-Sun Cinema's research with the American Kestrel Falcon (Falco sparverius). Follow along through the series as we share stories about the 2022 Kestrel pair and their encounters this season.

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Hear about Nu-Sun Cinema's passion for wildlife and involvement in American Kestrel research. Find out about the arrival of the American Kestrels and what they have encountered at the start of the 2022 breading season.

29 minutes 17 seconds long

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PART #4 coming soon

Welcome to the American Kestrel pod-cast series produced by CKUW 95.9 FM



Find out how many eggs were laid and has the pair been successful with hatching all eggs in the clutch. Hear about any new challenges the pair have faced in their pursuit of parenthood. Learn about what developments we expect to see in the next few weeks.

22 minutes 10 seconds long


Hear how banding went for the Kestrels nestling's and why the collected information is important for research. Find out the sexes of the nestling's and if any live stream viewers correctly ID the sexes from their observations. Learn how the nestling's will prepare for leaving the nest box (fledging).

28 minutes 31 seconds long